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what are we passionate about?


Creating a new generation of diverse entrepreneurs skilled in the art of managing and operating businesses serving their local communities


Leveraging innovation, public policy and technology for long-term sustainable solutions and environmentally responsible operations


Building accessible infrastructure and a robust ecosystem, ushering in generational wealth for marginalized groups

Our Approach


UBV utilizes a hands-on process to explore different ideas that complement each other through a structured, and repeated methodology.


From idea to iteration, testing to optimization, refinement and launch, utilizing existing programs and policies to maximize success.


UBV sources talent from diverse backgrounds and experiences to tackle market & community challenges through their unique and innovative perspectives.


Thru strategic planning, private and public fundraising, UBV supports the growth trajectory of these startups in all stages: from idea to iteration and beyond.

about us

Universal Brand Ventures (UBV) is founded on the principles of developing people, expanding opportunity and the proper stewardship of our environment.

Universal Brand Ventures follows the venture studio model with a focus on micro businesses that serve society.

A venture studio is defined as an organization that creates businesses, typically by providing the initial team, strategic direction and capital for the business to reach the optimal organic product-market fit.

UBV builds several different startups in rapid succession, providing the ideation, planning, capital, management and essential advisory services to these early stage companies. UBV is a syndicate composed of active angel investors and operational management advisors with category building experience pursuing business opportunities in frontier markets and emerging industries.


UBV works in alignment with the communities it serves, expanding the vision the capabilities of its portfolio organizations. We utilize frontier technologies to solve problems in underserved areas. UBV leverages diverse expertise and relationships in private and public sectors to optimize operations, meet the needs-of-the-moment, and develop robust strategies for future growth.


UBV believes in working smarter not harder. UBV sees the private sector as playing an essential role in a healthy community ecosystem. We connect the dots, turning vision into reality. UBV empowers those we work with to succeed in competitive environments especially in uncertain times. In everything we build, our focus is on people, planet and prosperity.


Our holdings include businesses from a diverse sector of industries: retail, services, technology, holistic health, wellness, plant medicine, infrastructure, education, energy, e-commerce, logistics and lifestyle.

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